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Remember Blist? Died.

Posted by tcurt on April 24, 2011

Not really much else to say about this. For a brief time I tinkered (weird the wasn’t in the dictionary) with an online database called Blist. Seemed cool, had some serious shortcomings like forgetting your database format and day periodically. Eventually, I forgot about it and apparently so did everyone else because it ultimately folded or was absorbed. I forget which. But since I’d mentioned it in the past, I thought it necessary to finish it’s history. It died.

Now that that is concluded I’ll have to see if any is offering an online database service so you can post changeable tables of stuff without all that pesky database hosting.

Clearly this is a low priority for me.


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Hello neglected blog from my Android phone.

Posted by tcurt on February 28, 2011

Yes I’m not dead. Told you I’d be a terrible blogger.

But you didn’t believe me.


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It snowed today. Sorta.

Posted by tcurt on December 4, 2009

Lots of perilous weather predictions today on the TV. Well, potentially perilous. In the end, we kept the kids home on the hope of snow in south Texas. Due to some vigilance on my part, I actually got them all outside at the moment the flurries started and they all got to stick their tongues out and catch some flakes.

Then it stopped and shortly after that the sun came out.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be much colder, but dry.


Last time we had a good snow was the mid-80’s. I think I wanted it to snow too. I still have a sled in my mother’s attic waiting…

Oh, well. Back to work.

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Can’t my network get along?

Posted by tcurt on December 4, 2009

Now that I have a spiffy new Windows 7 PC, I have to integrate my existing XP network into it. Fun! Oh, and my old Win XP PC is going to now be wireless for the kids. To ease my hearing “Why is this computer so slow now?” tensions, I’m going to improve the network to an N router too. Fun, fun! Oh, also, and don’t tell the kids, but they are getting a Wii for Christmas. So I have to get the new network totally ready for accepting the Wii without compromising the security of the whole network. Fun trifecta!!!

If you hear any screaming and banging of a head on a desk, don’t worry – it’s just me refusing to pay to have all this set-up for me. I am perfectly capable of doing it myself. I’m just not sure I have the time and the patience.

Ooo! And for some reason my wife’s notebook no long connects to the network. Hooray!

PS. I like Live Writer.

PPS. I really don’t like this new Dell keyboard.

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My son is insane.

Posted by tcurt on December 3, 2009

I just want this on the record in case he ever wants to hold a position of power.

He’s not dangerous or anything, but he is convinced that somehow he has missed out on an important life experience having not been lucky enough to vomit. Yes, indeed, he has vomit-envy. The sisters all have committed the terrible act when recently burdened by stomach viruses and the like, but not him. He feels terribly slighted. Tearing through first grade and yet he has no vomit to show for it yet. Despite the negative reviews given by his sisters regarding the unpleasantness of it all, he is unmoved. He will remain unsatisfied until his demands have been met.

Like I said, he’s a loon.

But he is mine.


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Interesting – Maybe I’m Live?

Posted by tcurt on November 22, 2009

Dabbling with Live writer in Windows 7. I like the idea of being able to blog without having to even log on. Might actually work. Well. Probably not. Either way, giving it a whirl.

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Still a terrible blogger.

Posted by tcurt on February 1, 2009

Just in case you were concerned about my lack of posting – fear not! I’m not dead, just a really terrible blogger. Not a consistent poster at all. If only I could just make my entire blog Twitter feeds, perhaps I’d generate some content. Oh, well.

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Posted by tcurt on December 2, 2008

I never write. I sometimes even have interesting things to write about that I feel passionate enough to really blather on and on.


And then I don’t. And then the interest cools. And then I generally get bored with the topic or just forgetful.

Somethings might just have to be scribbed on a napkin until I get to the PC. Anyways, toodles.

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A very important decision for readers today.

Posted by tcurt on October 28, 2008

Take this seriously. All votes count. Except those that don’t. And even some that do.

An old woman will give you a sticker when you leave. Thank you for taking part in democracy.

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Jingles in my brain.

Posted by tcurt on October 27, 2008

One, two, three, four. Sha-na sha-na-na-na-na, live for today. Hey-ay.

Time won’t let me; no it won’t. Time won’t let me; no it won’t.

Born to be wi-i-i-i-ild.

I had too much to dream last night, too much to dream last night.

Incense and peppermints, the colors of time.

You can gimme some lovin’, gimme some lovin’.

Bend me, shape me anyway you want to.

Ain’t a-got a-nothin’ yet.

It’s the time, of the season.

Tired of waiting for you-u-u-u.

When I think about the good life you gave me, I cry like a baby.


Why do I still know the song samples from a 30 year old record* commercial? Weird what sticks in your brain forever, no?

Why mention this at all? The other week I was tasked with finding a new sugary cereal to break up the pattern of more healthy ones the children eat. My wife proposed Apple Jacks. At the grocery store, Apple Jacks were totally absent and I opted for Fruit Loops. Mixed success serving them at home – kids can be so picky. I’m not sure Apple Jacks are even made anymore. Though if I have learned anything from the Food Network and the show “Unwrapped”, it is this:

  1. There are always people out there who can’t live without their favorite old foods.
  2. There is always some odd company whose entire product line consists of food you thought were dead and buried.

Ok, ok. The food is irrelevant here. Ever since I had to go shop for Apple Jacks, I have had the jingle ringing in my ears. I can not remember the last time I saw the commercial –  must be ages. But now I hear “A is for apple, J is for Jacks. Cinnamon toasty, Apple Jacks. Need a good breakfast, that’s a fact. Start it off with Apple Jacks.” Repeat. I know a troublingly large number of jingles this way. You probably do too. For a real laugh though, try and get very specific with the lyrics. You will quickly realize that you really have no idea what the commercial was specifically saying and that you’ve been filling in the blanks yourself for years. Sometimes to amusing and wholly incorrect ways. Sadly, I can’t remember much math. I hope it’s hiding in my brain too.

Gotta go eat now. Probably not cereal.

*Large vinyl disks that held prerecorded music. Replaced by tape and CD. Goofs.

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